Done with the first road,Seemed very rough and tough.
Seemed impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Was full of pain,feeling of reject and of mistrust.
Was stressful as the title itself!
The arithmetics were just impossible or so they seemed
Life was harsh and life was awkward
Full of insults and a bunch of Characters
I tried to cope with its contents
I burned my heart Day and Night
Trying my possible best to forget it all
Yet after all the Struggles
the first Page ends as a living Hell
Nothing to write Home about
The Masquerader was at it again
As the pain was accumulating'
A Saviour passed by to offer Freedom!
And so I took it!

A second Chapter has been opened
probably worse than the first
Friends were made and friends were unmade
Loved ones were lost and pain was Caused
Some brought love,and others...Bitterness!
Some brought Joy and others Sadness!
The good ones just had to be sieved out
And I was at the center of the Metallic Mesh!

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