A Dreaded Tomorrow

The day has come!The day is here again
I say I dread tomorrow but tomorrow is here,
My today!

Life is the same,no change,no humour
I sit with folded arms reminiscing
They seemed happy each day
Not having worries on their minds
Yet I sit here scribbling nonsense.

A day full of gloom,an uninvited Jour
I wish for happiness every tomorrow
yet today brings me the same useless results
Locked up in a box of confusion and insanity

The writer writes and the painter paints
But who says all humans live?
If you’re not happy then you’re not alive
Welcome to my Kingdom of abnormality.

They seem to be living in paradise
an unexplainable Utopia where life seems to be going on well
Our Kingdom is different,
we don’t get what we want but what we don’t want.

If I come back to this mass destruction,
I will love to walk with my head down
and my legs embracing space!


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